The energy certificate marketplace has grown significantly, surpassing a value of $800 million in annual incentives particularly within Victoria’s VEU Program and New South Wales’ ESS Program. This remarkable growth has opened up incredible opportunities for Scheme Participants, Asset Owners, and Product Manufacturers to actively participate, upgrade infrastructure and achieve both sustainability and commercial success.

With over a decade in the energy sector, we understand the cyclical and technical nature of governing policy and draw upon our experience and industry networks to ensure our clients objectives are achieved. We provide advisory support and deliver practical solutions that recognise the commercial and operational realities faced by organisations now and into the future.

Who we work with

Who we work with
Scheme participants (AP’s / ACP’s), Installation and Trade Services
Commercial End Users & Asset Owners
Product Manufacturers and Suppliers

Services Provided

  • Energy Program accreditation support (VEU, ESS, PDRS, CER etc) 
  • NSW PDRS Battery Rebate accreditation support
  • Executive briefing & analysis of energy market incentives 
  • Incentive discovery & eligibility assessments 
  • Business case assessment & commercialisation support  
  • Product registration & procurement 
  • Project coordination & upgrade management 
  • Installation support – training, procurement, audit 
  • Certificate trading support 
  • Net Zero advisory, Carbon Accounting  
  • Regulatory compliance support for scheme participants 
  • Technology advisory services 
  • Embedded consulting

Why participate in energy incentive programs?

Australian State, Federal and International governments are now united in their commitment to reduce emissions and meet ambitious carbon reduction targets. Energy programs that provide significant financial incentives are a primary vehicle to achieve these objectives.

The energy certificate marketplace is now worth in excess of $800m in annual incentives across Victoria (VEU Program) and New South Wales (ESS Program) alone, creating incredible opportunities for Energy Service Companies, Asset Owners and Product Manufacturers to engage and realise sustainability and commercial success.

Contact us today to discuss how energy incentive markets can benefit your organisation.

Why choose lakin?

Experienced – There are very few substitutes for ‘time in the market’ when assessing energy efficiency advisory services. Our team have helped shape the evolution of today’s energy efficiency markets for more than a decade and have plenty of runs on the board from direct program participation.

Qualified – we are passionate experts in our field, with qualifications across a diverse range of management disciplines and representation on key industry Boards, we are uniquely placed to deliver accurate and relevant outcomes for clients.  Lakin is also a member of the Chartered Accountants A&NZ, the Energy Efficiency Council and the Energy Saving Industry Association.

Independent – we’re not peddling our own products, we provide quality, objective advisory support specific to our clients requirements.

Proven – we have successfully partnered with clients across many sectors from Australia, New Zealand and around the world to develop effective and sustainable solutions for participation within energy efficiency markets.

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